Very easy recipe of chickpea and spinach salad

This salad of chickpeas and spinach is among the most delicious and easy salads on the planet earth. It is perfect for a dinner, in fact its function is that of a "unique food" rather than companion.

You only need fresh spinach and cooked chickpeas.

Chickpeas can be tinned (wash them well before use) or cooked by you.

Of rest, salt, pepper and all the olive oil that you want to use. I personally put abusive amounts 😀

Another option if you want this recipe to be more "elaborated" is that you chop onions and red peppers very small and add them.

You can also put a trickle of balsamic vinegar.

Anyway, you can add whatever it causes you, but just as I present it here, it's wonderful.

Go ahead with all the ideas that you can think of for customize it And you tell me.

chickpea and spinach salad recipe

Recipe of chickpea and spinach salad

This dish is perfect for dinner. It is super nutritional and healthy.Strip them in strips.

  • Mix everything in a container. Salt and pepper you put it to your liking.
  • Put all the oil of olive that your body asks you for.
  • Serve in a bowl.
  • Take a picture (this step is not necessary)
  • Enjoy a magnificent salad of chickpeas and spinach.
  • Some extra ingredients that you can add to this salad:

    • Cherry tomatoes chopped in half
    • Cheese feta (already here it would cease to be vegan)
    • Soybean sprouts
    • Quinoa

    Be creative and tell us 🙂

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