About Land & Sea Fish Market/Restaurant

Hi. And once again welcome to the Land Sea website.

Land & Sea has been serving the community for over a quarter of a century. Offering only the finest and freshest fish and lobsters. To us the thing that matters above all else is the customer(psst..that´s you).

Feel free to go through all the info provided about Land & Sea and it´s services. This site will be updated several times a week so check back to see whats new. If you have any questions about the site or suggestions as to something that you might wanna see on the site please send us and email to let us know. Thanks again, enjoy. ~Land & Sea management~

A quick list of some of  services...

  • Full Service Restaurant/ Dinning Room
    ...Reservations Accepted
  • Take Out available...Phone Orders accepted
  • Full Service Fish Market
  • We Carry Live Lobster
  • Catering and Shrimp Platters
  • We Clean Lobsters and Crabs
  • We Clean Shrimp
  • Open Clams and Oysters
  • and much much more....

About Land & Sea Fish Market/Restaurant

Land & Sea Restaurant

A lot of you probably know us for our restaurant. For those new to the scene we have a full service restaurant just past our fish market. We offer a full menu of fabulously fresh fish and some delicious & delightful treats for those of you not so interested in fish. If you haven't yet clicked on the menu link let me give you a little appetizer as to what you might find...

One of our favorite brags is our Homemade Soups, which include seafood bisque, new england, manhattan, and Long Island clam chower. Long Island???... Nope you read that right. What we've done is taken two of the greatest chowders around and combined them, yes combined them as in half and half. Half manhattan half new england, to create Long Island Clam Chowder(made a mistake now we´re making money). 

If you don't like soup then try one of our many specialties like the Boat Load or the unfinishable GREAT WHITE!! Also available monday-thursday are our various All-You-Can-Eat nights, like all you can eat Shrimp or Crab Legs. Or wait till friday and find out what our cooks have cooked up for the weekend´s special. But don´t wait too long on those specials, they change every weekend and who knows when or if we might do them again. 

Whats a matter? You can´t find that fish you saw on the way in on the menu? Thats ok. Just ask. If we got it we´ll cook it. Because we´re so crazy about freshness a lot of times we have to send fish back, therefore we don´t always have certain items in stock so we leave them off the menu, this way we don´t get your hopes up.

For those of you who are on the run just take it to go. Order anything you want off any of our menus and pick it up to go. In a real hurry, just give us a call and have it ready for when you get here.

Land & Sea Fish Market

A lot of you probably also know us for our fish market. Where we have a vast variety of fresh fish and seafood. We have just about every fish you´d want. We´re talking flounder, shrimp, scallops, clams, lobsters, swordfish, and much much more. And depending on what´s in season we carry fish like Mahi Mahi, Wild Salmon, Halibut, Blowfish, and much much more. If you don´t find the fish you are looking for, ask us to order it. Yup, we´ll get on the phone with our people and track down what it is you´re looking for. 

Between the amount of fish we sell over the counter and the amount of fish that goes through our restaurant, you can rest assured that your fish is fresh. On top of the volume of fish we sell we also inspect all of the fish that goes into our case every morning. If we don´t like the look of something we throw it out. We would rather lose the money then lose our customers. If for some reason you ever do have a problem, please call us. We want to know and would like to make it up to you.

Heres a small sample of the fish they carry on a regular basis:

  • flounder
  • live lobsters
  • salmon
  • shrimp (we clean shrimp for a .50/lb. more)
  • swordfish
  • scallops
  • crabmeat supreme
  • clams (we open clams for a .50/dz. more)
  • scrod or cod
  • chilean sea bass
  • squid (cleaned)
  • mussels (cleaned)
  • steamers
  • tilapia
  • basa
  • & much more...

Please remember that in our never dying quest to bring you only the freshest and best quaility fish we may turn fish away at the door upon delivery if it does not meet our approval. So please call ahead for availablity of certain fish items, thank you. 

Fish market also has a deli section. Our deli is chock full of our homemade salads and oven ready items. Such as:
  • Boiled Shrimp ready to eat
  • coleslaw
  • crabmeat salad
  • seafood salad
  • deviled crabs
  • stuffed shrimp
  • baked clams
  • stuffed filets
  • fishcakes
  • crab cakes
  • crabpuffs
  • & more....

Also if you have any questions on preparing or cooking any of the fish we have just ask. We´d be more than happy to help you. Thanks again. hope to see you soon. Remember...7 days without fish makes one weak!

Land & Sea Catering

Having a party?? Why cook? Let us do the work.

We offer a full Catering Menu for all yor Party Needs. With just about everything you're looking for to feed the masses why go anywhere else (even your own kitchen). 
Make sure to chek out our catering menu before you plan the menu for your next occasion. All items are prepared in ½Sterno Pans, either fully cooked or set up to be heated up minutes before your company arrives. 
Our menu includes both seafood and non-seafood items for the land lovers. If you can´t find what you are looking for just give us a call and we can help you right over the phone. We might be able to accomodate your needs with special orders.